Thought Leader & Hope Builder

OneChild’s President, Dr. Scott C. Todd, is an innovative thought leader committed to bringing hope to kids in the hardest places.

An expert on helping children in hard places thrive.

Based on the themes of Isaiah 58, Dr. Todd calls people around the world to become Child Champions dedicated to serving the poor and restoring communities stricken with poverty and injustice. He also encourages collaboration with local leaders who are already doing life-changing work. It is Dr. Todd’s firm belief that as the Church leads the war on poverty, we can end extreme global poverty in this generation.

Explore Dr. Todd’s vision of hope, fueled by his extensive experience and research:


Dr. Todd has authored and co-authored four revolutionary books, including Hope Rising, as well as Compassion’s Ministry Philosophy Series and more than a dozen scientific articles about immunology and oncology.

Hope Rising: How Christians Can End Extreme Global Poverty.

Dr. Todd pens a galvanizing, comprehensive vision of the movement that will eradicate extreme global poverty through transformative Christian generosity ― and do it within our lifetime.

“Hope Rising is a passionate, personalized narrative that will challenge the individual Christian but is also suitable for study in small groups of believers who want to work together to make a positive difference for the poor in Jesus’ name.” – Bruce Wydick, PhD, professor of economics, University of San Francisco, and visiting professor, University of California, Berkeley


Shared Strength: Exploring Cross-Cultural Christian Partnerships.

Leaders from 10 Christian organizations share their experiences and recommendations for building Christ-centered partnerships that have lasting impact.

“Shared Strength is an essential read for every mission leader, mission-minded church, and concerned layperson — an essential guide for ministry in this radically changing world.” –Phill Butler, CEO, visionSynergy


Relentless Hope: The Unstoppable Movement of Disciple-Making Communities.

Dr. Todd calls readers to discover disciple-making as the only way to advance the Kingdom of God in the world today.

“Relentless Hope inspires followers of Christ to recommit to the local church as a worldwide movement of ordinary people doing the extraordinary work of mercy, justice, and peace. I highly recommend it.” –Stephan Bauman, Senior Vice President of Programs, World Relief


Dr. Todd’s efforts to unify Christians in the work of ending extreme poverty through the “Live58” Initiative were featured in USA Today. Read the full article here.

Dr. Todd also wrote an article on partnership for Outcomes magazine. The article offers ideas on how to build partnerships through strategic listening, mutual commitment, complementary valued strengths, and results-based orientation. Read the full article here.

“Did God give you the gift of faith to have peace in your heart? Was that the purpose? Is faith there to provide comfort? I think the answer is no, it’s more than that. Faith is not a pillow. It is a heart. It gives the blood, the flow that it needs to put your muscles into action. Faith demonstrates itself in courageous action. And those of you who are committing courageously to help children — you are heroes.”

• Dr. Scott C. Todd •