Helping Your Members Find Their Fit in Missions

Today’s conversation is with Ken Fifer, the missions pastor at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, Texas. Bent Tree Bible Fellowship believes in missions and has many different opportunities for their members to engage in.  Ken shares how they work to help their members find their fit in missions while honoring the needs of the churches and communities they serve in.

First, they understand that each member of Bent Tree has a unique gift and calling. It’s not about trying to squeeze a member into a program. It’s about helping them find the right fit.

Second, the churches and communities Bent Tree serves in aren’t one size fits all either. Bent Tree works to find ways to support and strengthen the local churches in these countries. And they’re OK with stepping away if they don’t see a way they can help without hurting.

And finally, this approach requires both Ken and Bent Tree and the churches and countries they serve to take time to really let the Holy Spirit do His work. There’s no reason to try to force something to happen just to say there’s a partnership in place. 

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