Haiti Update: Social Unrest 2019

OneChild Hope Centers are currently operating, despite unrest in various parts of the country.

Please pray for the staff and children of OneChild in Haiti as the country continues to experience widespread social unrest.

Our Hope Centers are currently operating. However, in some areas like downtown Cap-Haitian and Limbe, when there are periods of unrest, OneChild’s leaders and sponsored and registered children can’t go to Hope Centers because of potential violence in the streets. Children and teachers are also not able to go to school during unrest.

Demonstrations began on Feb. 7, 2019, in the capital of Port-au-Prince and have now spread to other parts of Haiti. The disruptions have also led to an increase in crime.

The situation has become more desperate in recent months. The cost of transportation has tripled. The price of food is up 60%. There has not been electricity since September 2019, and there is a shortage of gas, so available gas is more expensive. The cost of clean water has also increased 50%.

The people of Haiti have weathered many periods of unrest in recent decades. They have also been battered by natural disasters, including the devastating earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

When disasters or unrest erupt anywhere, it’s easy for kids living in poverty, the most vulnerable members of society, to get lost in the turmoil. But every child registered with OneChild is part of a loving community where Child Champions are looking out for their well-being and giving them hope. These relationships are an important part of keeping children safe and providing relief if needed during times of trouble. Through sponsorship, each child also has the special advantage of being prayed for by name. OneChild has more than 20 Hope Centers in Haiti where nearly 2,500 children are enrolled.

Please keep these precious little ones and the Child Champions we serve in your prayers. We are grateful for your generosity and care for children in hard places.

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“During this time, please help us to pray for peace and wisdom.”

– Salmon Yves Deliazard, OneChild Country Director, Haiti

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