Desperation and Hunger in Lebanon 2019

The growing economic crisis in Lebanon has resulted in widespread desperation.

Lebanon’s banking system is collapsing, many banks are refusing to let people withdraw their money, and the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the crisis. According to reports, nearly half the population has plunged into poverty. Blackouts are rampant and basic supplies scarce.

Because of soaring inflation, many people are no longer able to afford food. Violent protests are breaking out in many major cities, and some fear a civil war may erupt. Desperation has also brought a sharp increase in crime and suicide.

Yet we are also hearing reports from our community in Lebanon that they have a deep sense of God at work in these dark times. Some are even using their own savings to provide food for those in need.

Children need encouragement and security now more than ever, and our Child Champions remain committed to their care. Our Hope Centers, which are schools, are on summer break now, but Child Champions are still traveling to the area to encourage and check on the children, deliver letters from sponsors, and provide help however needed.

When the government permits schools to reopen in the fall, Hope Centers will have reduced period time, splitting classes in two for morning and afternoon sessions, and will focus on key subjects the children need most. They are also planning for ways to create a safer environment for the kids.

As fear grips the country of Lebanon, please pray that our children and their families will experience the peace of God and be protected and provided for in every way. 

Our Child Champions are working hard to help the children and ask for prayer and help to provide additional food during the crisis.

If you can help, please donate to the Children’s Crisis Fund.

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Kids in Lebanon

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