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¡Hola! My name is Virna Segovia, and I serve OneChild as the Country Director in Nicaragua. It is so impactful for our children to have your support. Thank you!

Although there are no restrictions in place here with the COVID pandemic, many families have been too fearful to allow their children to attend school. Child Champions, however, are determined to make sure the kids do not fall behind in their studies. They continue to deliver educational materials and activity boxes to children who stay at home and safely serve those who are comfortable attending the Hope Centers in person. We have also supplied food relief packages to struggling families who lost their sources of income and ensured that medical and psychological assistance is readily available.

The kids here love their Hope Centers. They see them as a stable and secure place where they can learn alongside friends, spend time with their teachers, enjoy a good meal, and have access to hygiene kits and information about how to protect themselves from the virus. This ongoing support has lifted their spirits and given them a renewed hope for the future — and more boys and girls want to serve their communities as heroic doctors and nurses than ever before.

OneChild’s program is so important to the kids in Nicaragua, but the opposite is also true.

Children are the reason for this ministry — they are why it exists — so we make certain that their voices are heard and respected. They have a say in daily operations and are able to make changes to and decisions about the things that involve them, such as menu items, and choices about study topics and group activities. This collaboration between children and their Child Champions builds trust, gives kids the confidence they need to face difficult situations, and provides the tools they need to implement different resolutions to problems. And no matter how big or small, each milestone and achievement is celebrated so that kids are encouraged to keep going.

But most importantly, we are equipping children in Nicaragua to face the days ahead by teaching them to rely on God and helping them mature in their faith through Bible study and prayer. We intentionally include parents and caregivers in devotions, sporting events, and other group gatherings at the Hope Centers, which has not only strengthened families’ emotional ties but also gives them exposure to the gospel that they might not otherwise receive.

None of these opportunities to help children thrive and build better communities in Nicaragua would be possible without sponsors and donors. Our supporters’ love and care has had a lasting impact and will never be forgotten. This kindness has made children feel chosen and special, comforted knowing they are prayed for. It has given them the rare gift of HOPE.

In our Hope Centers, even the kids who are still waiting for sponsors of their own rejoice when their peers receive letters and gifts because they know that this spirit of generosity makes our life-changing program possible. If anyone you know would like to transform the life of a child in Nicaragua, please encourage them to become a sponsor.

In His Love,

Virna Segovia

Country Director, Nicaragua

About Nicaragua

Child Champions in Nicaragua tell us about their country.

Nicaragua is the largest country on the Central American isthmus, with the capital, Managua, being the third largest city in Central America. The landscape gives residents the chance to encounter nature and has a variety of both active and inactive volcanoes, as well as its share of lakes, rivers, and lagoons. The people are known for offering their best to visitors and showing incredible courage in the face of crisis. But Nicaragua is also one of the least developed countries in Latin America and the second poorest in the region, so access to even basic amenities is a constant challenge.

The hard places in Nicaragua are similar in that both the urban and rural areas lack opportunities for economic growth. In the countryside, there is a shortage of social services and land is difficult to afford, so people have migrated to the cities for decades in search of work. There are simply not enough jobs to go around. Whatever employment might be available tends to favor those with the most education, putting children growing up in rural areas at a great disadvantage since most have forfeited any chance to attend school in order to take menial work. Nicaragua is also heavily affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, droughts, and earthquakes, so citizens can suffer the effects of dangerous flooding and water shortages depending on the season.

In a place where almost 10% of births are to teenage mothers, and social and political unrest have negatively impacted the economy for years, it’s more crucial than ever to give children the opportunity to develop their talents and achieve their goals. Because of the encouragement, fervent prayers, and ongoing support of our generous sponsors, the children in Nicaragua are free to dream of a better life.

Nicaragua Hope Centers


One thing every community in the nation of Nicaragua has in common is the need to know Jesus — and this is where OneChild steps up and steps in. Hope Centers are located strategically so that children from each region are served and shown the love of Christ. With a comprehensive program that heavily involves local churches, Child Champions provide children with the tools to overcome the poverty and violence that have plagued their families for generations — tools that give them a reason to HOPE. These Child Champions are the very heart of OneChild’s program. They are essential in bringing to life the visions that church pastors have for the children. And they know that each and every child has been blessed by God with limitless potential.


Nicaragua’s children are the key to a successful future. By preparing them with a quality education, vocational training, and the capacity to share God’s love with their neighbors, OneChild not only gives children a way to follow their own dreams but also the possibility of making an impact on an entire nation.

We are accountable to the children we serve AND to our donors.

Our accountability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring of our fund distribution. OneChild is also a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)