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About India

Child Champions in India tell us about their country.

India is the seventh largest and second-most populous country in South Asia and the most populous democracy in the world. It is a nation abounding with bustling markets, unique cuisine, historical monuments, picturesque landscapes, explosions of color, and vibrant cultural diversity. It is home to a thriving community, be it in the celebration of a joyous occasion or in grieving with one another’s pain. But it is also a place of widespread poverty, where many children face malnutrition, a lack of medical care, gender inequality, systemic discrimination, and isolation every day.


For those living in poverty in India, housing is crowded and unsanitary.

About 19% of the world’s children are found in India. Despite measures taken on their behalf, their condition as the most vulnerable members of society has remained unchanged over time. Children in India are twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty. The hardships they endure not only affect all areas of their development but also have an impact on their morality and understanding of right and wrong.

For many in India, living conditions are bleak, with stark differences between resource allocation in urban and rural areas. Major portions of the rural populace live without access to services like adequate housing, electricity, sanitation, clean drinking water, education, or health care facilities.

Although better infrastructure is available in most cities, young children are often forced to work in hazardous conditions, employed in dangerous occupations like construction and manufacturing in order to meet the basic needs of their families. Throughout the country, girls are often neglected and married off young, while boys are given preference for health, nutrition, and educational opportunities. And boys and girls alike are deprived of human dignity whenever they encounter discrimination, bigotry, harassment, and prejudice.

India Hope Centers


With the largest adolescent population in the world, India’s future success stands to benefit from kids being safe, healthy, educated, and well-equipped with the skills required to support the country’s development. In helping to meet the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of children, OneChild provides not only the elements that will allow them to thrive, but the constant affirmation that they are special, unique, valued, and worthy in the eyes of God. Child Champions in OneChild’s Hope Centers play a significant role in shaping their futures. All children need a push to gain confidence and accomplish goals, so these loving adults encourage, guide, motivate, comfort, console, appreciate, affirm, advise, reassure, advocate for, and believe in every single child.


Through the OneChild program, children are given the best chance for success, with a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. It is a long road ahead, but with the right approach, India can be a place where HOPE abounds, and lives are transformed.

We are accountable to the children we serve AND to our donors.

Our accountability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring of our fund distribution. OneChild is also a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)

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