At any given time, the OneChild community serves thousands of children in Hope Centers, where loving adults meet their physical needs and help them grow. These children live in some of the world’s most poverty-stricken nations. Most of them have a sponsor but not all.

Waiting For a Sponsor

OneChild sponsors support an entire network of men and women giving sacrificially to help children living in poverty. If a sponsor stops supporting a child, that child will continue receiving care at the Hope Center until another sponsor is found. During that wait, resources are provided through the unsponsored children’s fund.

Help an Unsponsored Child

Healthy While Waiting

Generous donors make it possible for unsponsored children to receive the same care as those with a sponsor.

Health : Providing children with nutritious food, supplements and medical care
Education : Schooling or tutoring to help children succeed in their education
Faith : Encouraging children in their faith
Community : Creating opportunities for socialization, play and exploration

You Can Help

Your gift to the Unsponsored Children’s Fund will provide kids in desperate need with vital care.


Children come to be fed, play with their friends, and know God, which is far greater than any physical need we can meet. The center is so loved. We usually have to ask children to leave and go home in the evenings!”

Dixon, Pastor of Celebration Church of Zimbabwe