Donors’ caring contributions save a child’s life.

Child Champions are saving lives because of donors’ caring contributions to the Children’s Crisis Fund.

When Deysi was 12 years old, she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. One morning, she woke up struggling to breathe and started having seizures. Deysi stayed in the hospital for months fighting a respiratory infection. But her parents, who lived in an impoverished town in the Dominican Republic, had no way to pay her hospital bills. Through the Children’s Crisis Fund, Deysi’s hospital bills were covered and a portable ventilator was purchased, so Deysi could go home again!

Deysi’s parents were desperate. Their 16-year-old daughter needed an expensive medical device to save her life. But as school teachers in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, they couldn’t afford it. They tried to find items to sell, but they owned nothing valuable. And their medical insurance had just run out.

Ever since Deysi was a baby, her parents sensed that something was wrong. When Deysi learned to walk, she constantly fell. She would try her best to get up but never had enough strength. Her parents finally came to the heartbreaking conclusion that Deysi may never walk.

They were able to obtain a wheelchair so that Deysi could attend school and entered her in OneChild’s sponsorship program where she began to receive medical help and encouragement from her sponsor and Child Champions at her Hope Center. But her health continued to decline.

Finally, when she was 12, doctors diagnosed Deysi with muscular dystrophy. The doctors explained that muscular dystrophy causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Deysi’s condition could be treated but not cured.

Deysi and her family were devastated. Then one morning in June of 2018, the situation grew much worse. Deysi woke up having trouble breathing. She grew incoherent and started having seizures. Her parents rushed her to a nearby medical center where she stayed for 39 days fighting pneumonia. At the medical center she was put on a ventilator and given medicines. But after 39 days the family’s medical insurance ended.

Her parents felt helpless and scared. Their daughter still could not breathe on her own without a ventilator, but they couldn’t afford the medical bills.

When the pastor and Child Champions at Deysi’s Hope Center discovered that the family needed assistance, they went to work immediately. They accessed OneChild’s Children’s Crisis Fund, which brings vital help to sponsored children who are facing emergency situations, like medical issues and natural disasters.

Through this vital fund, Deysi’s hospital bills, treatments and medications were covered. Her parents were incredibly relieved for the extra support.

For the next five months, Deysi stayed in the hospital. She was eager to go home and live a normal life, but doctors couldn’t release her. Deysi’s breathing was still too weak. The situation was also traumatizing because she was forced to stay in the emergency room since it was the only area that was equipped with ventilators. But the department was short on beds, so each time a new patient was admitted to the area, she would be moved to the hallway.

Finally, a doctor suggested a new idea — a portable ventilator for Deysi. If the family purchased one, he felt comfortable releasing her. Deysi was so excited. She might actually be able to go home!

But when her parents discovered the price of $1,000, their hopes were crushed. They didn’t have enough money to purchase the medical instrument.

Praise God that with the help of the Children’s Crisis Fund, the staff was able to purchase the portable ventilator! For Deysi, the ventilator was much more than a breathing machine. It was a tool that meant hope and a new beginning.

The ventilator also meant life. “Deysi cannot breathe without the ventilator,” explains Dr. Breayan Perez, a physician who works for OneChild in the Dominican Republic. “Deysi gets tired too fast. She may need the ventilator the rest of her life. It’s probable that without the assistance she received, she would not be alive today,” he says. “The ventilator got there at the right moment.”

Today, Deysi is delighted to be home with her family. OneChild continues to help with her medical expenses, and Dr. Breayan and other Child Champions are closely monitoring her health. She is also overjoyed to attend her Hope Center again.

The family is truly grateful to God and all the supporters who make the Children’s Crisis Fund possible. “One Child has been a great blessing,” says Deysi’s father. “We were at a point where we had nowhere to turn. And when we got to that point, the church became a light in the darkness.”

Deysi’s dad is also thankful for sponsors and donors who generously open their hearts to those in need. “In moments like this, when you can’t find a way out, when you feel like you don’t have any strength and you’re desperate, you find the help you need,” he says. “It’s amazing!”

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