A Day Through Their Eyes

Eight children from the same community have shown their unique perspectives of their daily life with us. We are so thankful for this opportunity to hear directly from these children who are working hard toward a better future.

One of the most enlightening insights that we saw when talking with each of these children is that they all have similar values in their lives. They have a deep love for their families; they work hard in school; and they attend the church within their community. Such simple values, but are they really much different from our own?

When we see these pictures, our eyes may first be drawn to their run down houses, simple meals, or poor road conditions on their walk to school. But it is truly not what they see. They see their home and the potential for a full and happy life. And maybe they have found the key to true contentment, because they do not have so much else cluttering their lives. They have what they need – family, opportunity, and the love of God.

Sponsorship helps to give these children what they need to be content and filled with joy, even in the midst of tough circumstances. Thank you to all of you that are helping a child who is seeking a better life, just like these children. We hope that these photos will serve us all in the future as a reminder of what we truly need in life to succeed.

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