A Day Through Juan’s Eyes


My name is Juan, and I am 14 years old. My family and I live in an area of Honduras that is known for mudslides, so it’s not the safest place to live. But my dream one day is to be a firefighter, so that I can help people who are in trouble. My parents work very hard as a photographer and a receptionist, but it is still hard to take care of my family. That’s why I am thankful I get to go to the Hope Center where I have hot meals, good education, and medical check-ups. Here is a small glimpse into my day!


This is my favorite dinner: Refried beans, chorizo, and a fried egg with juice! Yum!!


Some of my favorite fruits are avocados, mangos, and orange juice.


This is my family – my sister, my father, and my mother. I love these people the most out of anyone in the world. I took this picture when we were in the hospital because my father was not feeling well, but thankfully we were able to go home that night. He is feeling much better now.


I love my room, because it is where I go to relax. This is where I sleep at night. I like to call my room my bat cave – haha!


When I go to the Hope Center, I sometimes get to do some crafts. These are a few of the crafts that I have made. I painted a fruit basket; we made a penguin for Christmas time; and the most recent craft we did was a little wooden keychain.


One of my favorite hobbies is music. I used to play the bass on the worship team at church, and now I am running the sound board. I love learning about different aspects of music!


Every morning I read my devotional book. It’s a book for young people, and it always gives me an encouraging word in the morning before I go to school. It has a story and some scriptures to help me start my day.


I have a pretty nice view from my house! It looks very pretty in the mornings when the sky is different colors and it is peaceful outside. I also like looking out the window at night when all the lights are turned on and glowing.


My favorite sport is soccer – it’s one of the best things about my day. It’s my favorite thing in the world, to watch or to play. I am left footed, so I really like the left footed soccer starts that play in Europe.


This is the soccer field in my community where we play lots of games with other kids. I come here often because it is very close to my house.


This is Pietro, and he is the only cat I have ever had. I’ve had him for less than year. We have 6 cats in our house, but Pietro is mine!


This is where my Hope Center is and also where I go to church. I love that I get to come here all of the time. We learn a lot about God and we also get to play soccer, so I love that because they are my two favorite things. I also have a lot of friends here.

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