A Day Through Johnny’s Eyes


Hi, my name is Johnny and I am 17 years old. I live in Honduras with my parents and siblings. I just finished my high school education, and now I am looking at going to college. One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my friends playing games. Thanks for taking the time to learn about my day!


This is the neighborhood where I live. You see that there are some kids walking with backpacks, and it reminded me of when I would go to school like they are. There are a lot of children in my neighborhood who don’t go to school, so I feel that there is a need for more education in this area.


Here I am being a chef! Ha ha! I cook every day for myself and for my little brother and sisters. When I cook, I am showing them that men can also cook and help in the kitchen! Even though sometimes I make a mess…


I took this photo when I woke up this morning. This is the view from my house, and every day I like to look outside and thank God for giving me another day of life. When I see God’s creation, I am reminded that He is good.


Here is my little brother. I sometimes call him “The Little Terror” because he can be quite a handful sometimes. He’s only three years old.


My littlest sister eating her breakfast. She is one year old.


This was my breakfast this morning – some cookies and coffee.


My little sister likes to be my little helper! She was helping me sweep and clean up the house, so we have a little broom for her to use.


This is a picture after cleaning my house. I really like cleaning and how the house looks when I’m done, because everything is neat and its place.


My whole family lives in this house. Both of my grandfathers live on the bottom floor, my family on the top floor, and my aunt in the back of the building. I like living so close to my family and seeing them often.


This is my other little sister when she’s at school playing. She is five years old and is in Kindergarten.


Here my little sister is taking a nap, and that’s my other little brother laying down with her.


I really like to see people worshipping and praising God. I took this picture at the church service in our community.


Our church has a worship dance team, and I have been in this ministry for one year. Our team name is “Shammah”, which means “the presence of God is here”. I love to dance, and I love that I get to dance at church. I like it because I feel like we are a bridge between the worship team and the congregation.

This is our team leader for the worship dance team!


The other chore that I do around the house is wash the clothes and put them away. These photos show a little bit of how I do that.


This is my dad’s motorcycle. Ever since I was little I have loved motorcycles and cars, and I have always wanted one of my own. Now that my dad has one, I’m trying to get my license and learn how to drive it.


This is what my church looks like from the front.


Here is one of our practices for the worship dance team.


This is the most important photo that I took, and it means so much to me. This is the drum set that is at my church.

I have had a dream of being a drummer ever since I was a very young child – I always wanted to be part of a band at school, or wherever I could! I played for a little while with a band in my neighborhood, but that did not last very long. But I always tell myself that it wasn’t the last time I will be part of a band.

Now, I work very hard and I pay attention to other drummers on the worship team at church, so that I can learn how to be better. That’s how I got introduced to the dance team, because I am very interested in worship music.

I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to start playing drums again at the church. I feel like my dreams are coming true. One day, I would love to play drums in big stadiums or even in other countries. I will keep working hard and hopefully get to someday.


This is my dad. He is a very good man. My mom used to work a lot, so when I was little my dad would always stay home and be with me. It is now the time in my life when I can pay him back for what he has given me, which is why I help around the house as much as I can, like watching my siblings or doing chores. I don’t want to be a burden to them, so I want to help them. I’m very thankful to God that I have a father, because a lot of kids around here don’t have a dad at all.


My mom is a very special person to me. I respect her so much, and I don’t ever want to misbehave or be disrespectful to her or my dad. She does correct me when I’m wrong, but she does it out of love to make me a better person. Both of my parents are a blessing to me, and I am so thankful for them.


This is the director of the Hope Center that I attend, and she is very dear to me. I started attending the Hope Center when I was five years old, and I was a really bad kid. I probably gave her a lot of gray hairs, because I would misbehave and influence the other kids around me to do bad things.

One day she sat me down and looked me straight in the eyes. I remember being scared and nervous, ha ha. She gave me advice and told me that there are seasons in my life when I need to grow up and make some changes. She told me that when I’m young, I need to start learning and being better in preparation for these seasons.

She also told me that I need to be the same person outside of the church as I am inside. I will always remember that advice and I try hard to be that way.

She will sometimes use me as an example with some of the struggling kids in their classes as someone who has changed a lot. But she knows that they can change, because I did, and I was the worst of them all!


This is my favorite teacher at the Hope Center. I’m very thankful because we have grown close and we talk a lot. He teaches me and helps me, and I know that everything he teaches us will be useful in the future. He gives great advice, and so I try to listen to what he has to say.

Thanks for sharing with us, Johnny! We are so impressed by the young man you have grown into, and know that you will continue to do great things that will make your family and your teachers proud!

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