A Day Through Jefry’s Eyes


Hello! My name is Jefry and I am 16 years old! Some things to know about me are that I really like school – my favorite subject is Spanish – and that one day I want to become an engineer so that I help my community build good buildings. I also love reading my Bible and playing soccer with my friends. Here are a few pictures from my day!


I took this photo when we were about to play games at the Child Development Center. We always have lots of fun playing games together – this game we run around the bottles and do relay races. The three kids in the photo are three of my group mates.


Three times a week I go to my old elementary school where I teach a kid how to read. His name is Kevin and he is six years old. I do this because I am part of a foundation that supports my studies, and one of the requirements is that I help other children.


One of my favorite pastimes is listening to music. My favorite genre is Rock music, and I listen to it almost every day when I’m in my room.


This is my breakfast of champions! I believe that breakfast is very important, and this meal is one of my favorites. It has refried beans, tortillas, and ham.


This is my uncle outside the front of my house. I live there with my mom, brother, sister, and grandfather. My grandfather is sick, so my uncles comes and helps with things around the house. Today he was fixing one of the lights.


I have three dogs, and this is my youngest dog, Alvin. He can be very defensive, but he is also playful. We are playing outside on the walkway in front of my house.


I walk this street every day – it is the road to the Child Development Center and also to my school.


Here is my Child Development Center (with the cook standing in the doorway)! I go there every Tuesday and Thursday, and I have been going since the first grade, or about eight years. I like going because I have lots of friends there, and we also get to learn about God.

Thanks for sharing your day with us, Jefry! We know that God is using you strongly in your community, and you will continue to do great things!

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