A Day Through Any’s Eyes

any's mom

Hi friends! My name is Any, and I’d like to show you what my day looks like! I am ten years old, and some of my favorite ways to play are with my dolls and my toy dishes. When I am not playing, I am either helping my mother pick up the garbage around our house or going to school. I love school, and one day I want to be a teacher.


This is my mother standing outside of our house. I live there with her and my sister. My sister helps to take care of me – she is 21 years old.


One of my chores is to help my mother clean up around our house. This is what the outside of our house looks like, so we have a lot to keep clean. I have to help her every single day.


I also have to clean in the bathroom, which is where this door leads. So stinky!


This is my uncle, Lalo, and his dog, Canela, outside the entrance to my house. Canela was run over by car and has a broken foot. My uncle lives next door so I see him often.


I took this photo from the street that crosses near my house. My house is a little ways down the path.


My uncle lives right next door to us, and this is him sitting outside his front door. He helps my mom and me a lot because he is so close by.


Some of my favorite things are plants and flowers. This is my garden that I work hard to take care of and help things grow.


My mom taught me to read the Bible when I was young. Now, I read it every day and we go to church every week. I also am able to learn about the Bible and Jesus when I go to the Child Development Center. My favorite book is Genesis.


This is me praying. I pray often; I ask that God protects my family and me, heals all the sick people, and I always thank Him for our food.


Here are two of my nieces! One is 12 months old and the other is 8 months old. They are the daughters of my older sister that lives with us.


This is my best friend, Katherine. We go to school together and are both in the 5th grade. We spend lots of time together and play games.


My other niece was in a science fair. I decided to take a picture of her and her classmates when I was at the fair looking at her projects. I really enjoyed the fair, and am excited to be part of one someday.

Any was so cute and sweet with us when she sat down to share her pictures. We know already that she is going to make a great teacher one day! Thanks for sharing, Any!

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