Political & Financial Crisis in Lebanon

December 19, 2019

Lebanon is experiencing an escalating political and financial crisis.

For almost a year now, Lebanon has not had a functioning government. The different political and religious parties are engaged in bitter infighting, causing a complete collapse of what little government structure did exist. Social services and healthcare have all been frozen. Banks are only open for short periods every once in a while. When they do open, only $50 per person can be withdrawn from bank accounts. There are also food shortages; supermarket shelves are empty because suppliers can’t bring food and merchandise in. Many of our sponsored children and their families are caught up in this severe hardship. Some families have had to make the difficult decision to move, attempting to find better financial opportunities.

Please pray for the children, their families, and the people who are helping our sponsored kids in Lebanon. Currently, children are attending school, but please be patient receiving letters from your children. Child Champions are doing their best to go to each Hope Center to deliver and receive letters. But with the difficult circumstances, sometimes travel conditions and safety concerns don’t allow Champions to travel to Hope Centers as often as they would like. Check back here for updates on the situation. And if your child has been affected, we will contact you directly.

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