Bring Hope to Families This Easter Season

Bless your sponsored child’s family 
with much-needed items and relief

Families in the hard places find it difficult to afford more than daily meals – and even that can be a challenge for some. In the wake of an ongoing health threat, environmental disasters, economic instability, and civil unrest, fulfilling even the most basic needs can seem unattainable.

Imagine the joy and relief your sponsored child would feel when their family receives an extra special gift — the means to purchase day-to-day essentials, repair or rebuild a damaged home, and perhaps even generate ongoing revenue such as a gift of livestock or resalable goods.

You can make this happen by sending a Hope for Easter Family Gift! Our Child Champions will work with your sponsored child’s family to determine their greatest needs and purchase items that would otherwise be out of reach.

Thank you for bringing hope and tangible evidence of Jesus’ love to your sponsored child’s family this Easter season.

How much can I give?

You may give $50-$300 for each child you sponsor.

Please send your gift as early as possible to help ensure our Child Champions can meet with families and purchase needed supplies for the Easter season.