Health and
Human Services

Let’s deliver hope in the hard places together.

With your generous support, our Health and Human Services Fund can ensure that kids stay healthy and receive medical care when they need it.

OneChild works in the most remote areas of the world where kids and their families are at risk from unsafe water, food insecurity, and many life-threatening illnesses.

At our Hope Centers, Child Champions educate families on proper nutrition, safe water practices, and how to protect against common diseases. Additionally, our physicians help guide treatments for sickness, and medical teams aid in preventive health care check-up’s and oral hygiene.

Child Champions help more than 40,000 children in 14 countries. Children in our program are getting healthcare and living in healthier environments. Their health and vitality enable them to graduate from high school, go to college, and return to their communities to help the next generation of kids — children who need opportunities to thrive.

Here’s what your support provides for our kids and their caregivers:

  • Child and Family Treatment: general and medical needs, dental, vision and nutrition
  • Food and Nutrition: interventions with food relief and insecurity, therapeutic feeding, and medical care for malnutrition
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene: filtration devices and purification systems
  • Training and supplies: illness prevention and treatment
  • Medical Equipment and Immediate Aid: emergency aid and/or injury support and other innovative health options

During our COVID urgent response and under the stewardship of our global team, funds provided for our children and families. We assisted in the following impactful ways:

  • Bulk purchases were made through Field Offices and distributed to Hope Centers
  • Hope Centers purchased food and sundries through local markets, boosting their economy
  • Cash Grants were given for individual family prioritization of needs
  • Local involvement from pastors, village leaders, and government officials were at an all time high
  • Home visits were performed for distribution and over 21,000 children and families were served across our 14 countries
  • Collaboration with other organizations thrived more than ever before