Education and
Transformational Leadership

Educate kids and give them hope for a brighter future.

Your generous support will help thousands of kids attend school. Children living in poverty need a champion and teacher — someone who will see their potential, believe in their future and help them reach their goals. Today, our Child Champions are helping more than 40,000 children in 14 countries. Children registered in our Hope Centers thrive and are graduating from high school, going to college, and returning to their communities to help the next generation of kids.

Here’s what your support provides for children and their caregivers:

  • Education for Children: school, skills and training, youth engagement, curriculum, empowerment, career guidance, camps, seminars and learning trips
  • Education for Families/Caregivers and Parents: hygiene and sanitation, vocational and livelihood training, financial stability training, positive youth development, learning materials and resources for Child Champions
  • Transformational Leadership Impact: entrepreneurial skills, leadership opportunities and collaborative community growth

Many children don’t have an opportunity for formal education.  In Amman, Jordan, Yosef a sponsored child, lives in a heavily persecuted community.  Many children aren’t able to go to school. For those who attend school, the quality of education is often so inadequate that children graduate without basic reading and math skills.

Today, over a 100 children receive life-changing care at Yosef’s school. Teachers work hard to ensure that all children attending the school have their individual needs met. The school employs teachers who speak Arabic and English so that each child can understand the lessons.

Because of your educational support, kids can dream again. Your contributions may impact kids in a variety of ways:

  • Robotics courses for children in partnership with private universities
  • Green Bus for community education
  • Community Homeschooling for family/caretaker involvement and home-based learning
  • Scholars programs for high-school children in Kenya
  • Savings programs for children and youth in partnership with the Chalmers Institute