Capacity Building
and Community Development

Equip Child Champions to help kids thrive.

Leaders across the globe receive the training they need to offer kids a promising future. Children living in poverty need a champion — someone who is equipped to lead them well, who sees their potential, and believes in their future. It’s essential for Child Champions to receive exceptional and culturally relevant training so they are equipped to personalize the care that children receive, encourage their progress, and strengthen their vocational track.

Here’s what your support provides:

  • Child Champion Recruitment and Skills Training: teacher and mentoring training.
  • Learning Materials and Academic Initiatives: curriculum development for children.
  • Equipping and Leadership Training: development and field partnership growth.
  • Local Resource Management Training: entrepreneurial skills and resource mobilization.
  • Innovative Building Projects: Hope Center community projects, leadership opportunities, and collaborative community growth.

Resource mobilization is a critical need for our Hope Centers, the children they serve, and the families that support them.  Here is an example of where your generous contributions can go in helping kids and their livelihood.

A single mother who cares and provides for six children earns a scare income of the equivalent of $38 per month. She works three jobs: selling recycled materials, washing clothes, and cleaning a market center.  Over half of her income is used to pay rent. How can she feed her family? At present, due to environmental crisis, she lost two of her jobs.  These are the daily critical needs that we don’t see.  But, because of you there’s a bright future for a single mother and her children.

You make all the difference.

If you support this fund, our Hope Centers and country field offices can come alongside these urgent circumstances, delivering hope and short-term relief.