Sharing Skills and Soap

By Donna Atola, Kenya Field Communications Specialist

As numbers of new COVID-19 infections rise in Kenya, OneChild sponsored kids are using their skills to help combat the virus.

Covid Stories Sharing Skills and Soap

At Rehema Hope Center (KE-044) in Malindi, Child Champions trained youth on how to make liquid soap. This is a skill they love, and they have extended their knowledge at home to help their families make soap. It also helped the Hope Center save on the expenses of purchasing detergents and enabled them to sell the surplus. Most families that OneChild ministers to in Malindi live on less than a dollar a day and cannot afford sufficient soap during this time. This motivated the youth at Rehema Hope Center to make 40 liters (around 10.5 gallons) of soap that was shared among 80 families. Three youths with expertise in soap making have been selected to train youths at other Hope Centers to help make soap for other sponsored kids in Malindi.

“It is essential to ensure that we share our talents and gifts with others,” says Japheth Menza, a Child Champion at Rehema Hope Center.

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