New Life Home

When the pandemic began, caregivers at New Life Home for abandoned babies in Nairobi, Kenya, chose to shelter in place at the home so babies would be cared for in a safe environment.

New Life Home - feeding a baby with a bottle

This selfless decision meant that staff had to entrust their own children to the care of other family members. It also created an increased strain on those who were caring for their children. So OneChild sent food packages to the families of the caregivers to be sure their own children wouldn’t go hungry while they were caring for our babies. Not only are the babies at New Life Home receiving ongoing loving care, but the home has rescued seven more babies even in the midst of the lockdowns! With all these tiny mouths to feed and clothe, baby formula and cloth diapers are a constant need. Additional emergency funds from our Children’s Crisis Fund have helped ensure the babies would not run out of necessities during this challenging time. And that means peace of mind for their dedicated Child Champions.

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