More Than a Dash to the Door

In the hard places where OneChild works getting food to kids often involves much more than a simple delivery.

Delivering food on a motorcycle with trailer

In Cambodia, for example, food packs were loaded onto wagons and motorcycles to make the treacherous journey over rough, winding roads to the villages. A motorcycle tire went flat under the heavy load, and the beginning of rainy season made it even more difficult for the wagons to navigate the twisting roads. But the Child Champions persisted and, accompanied by local pastors, reached the children’s homes with their precious cargo of rice, noodles, canned fish, and salt. They also told the families about the love of God that had provided the food. Many of those who received the emergency rations are children who have lost a parent and live with a single parent or elderly grandparent. Because of the pandemic, most of those caregivers have now lost the meager day labor that had kept the family fed. The tears of joy and relief that greeted Child Champions delivering food proved it was worth every inch of the difficult trek.

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