Helping Angelica Smile

By Josela Lopez, Honduras Field Communications Specialist

Angelica Valladares is a 12-year-old who lives in Tamara, Francisco Morazan, Honduras.

Honduras Angelica 12-year old

Life has been hard on Angelica, but she still has a big smile and empathy. Her 42-year-old dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease seven years ago, and her younger sister was born with a spinal tumor that necessitates a feeding tube. Recently, Angelica’s mom was hospitalized for a month due to a stomach ulcer but is now better. During the COVID-19 crisis, things have been even more difficult for Angelica’s family. Her mom works as a house cleaner, but due to the lockdown, she can’t provide for her family. But Child Champions who are constantly checking on kids learned about the family’s difficult situation, and the Hope Center immediately brought provisions for her family. This is what we believe in – bringing Hope in Hard Places and during difficult times.

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