An Angel Called By Phone

By Josela Lopez, Honduras Field Communications Specialist

Despite his health problems, Edwin, a sponsored boy from Honduras, has smiles and giggles, strength and perseverance.

Medical supply for a young boy

Edwin has asthma and needs medication. Recently, during lockdowns, he also developed an ear infection that required medicine. His single mom works hard as an administrative assistant, but her contract was suspended because of shelter-in-place orders due to COVID-19. When Edwin’s Child Champion called to ask how they were doing, Edwin’s mom told her they were having a hard time because they couldn’t visit the hospital to get Edwin’s medicines for asthma and the ear infection. She said Edwin was feeling tired and couldn’t breathe well. As soon as his Child Champion could, she bought the medicines Edwin needed. A big shout out to our sponsors and Child Champions! Because of their close connection with the kids they help, we can bless our children and their families during this time.

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