A Library on Wheels

By Belen Bocayes, Philippines Field Content Associate

With children at home 24/7 during the COVID-19 crisis, Child Champions are finding creative ways to meet their needs.

Covid Stories Library on Wheels

Pastor Danilo Baquir of Kalubian Hope Center in the Philippines rides his bicycle around the community delivering books to children four days a week. Children choose a book or two from the selection that ranges from educational to story books about their favorite characters or shows like Star Wars or Nemo. Kids enjoy their books for four days then exchange them when Pastor Danilo comes back. Pastor Danilo says, “We should be having our summer camp for our kids by this time. But because of COVID-19, it did not push through. Instead, we thought of lending our books to them so they have something to do while they are at home. They are very happy and excited.” Hope Centers are thankful for the donations from their sponsors that provide children these books to enjoy.

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