How Prayer Gives Us Hope

Story and Photos by Babylene Bocayes, Philippines Field Communications Specialist, and Fely Densing, Digos Hope Center director

A family living in poverty in the Philippines struggles to get by during the global coronavirus pandemic. Read how a family gift from one child’s sponsor answered their prayers and helped them get back on their feet, bringing so much joy and hope into their lives.

How Prayer Gives Us Hope - a boys new bike

Ten-year old Jemuel is a sponsored child at Digos Hope Center in the Philippines. He lives with his parents and three siblings in a small house made from bamboo. Jemuel is the oldest sibling. His father is a construction worker, but due to the ongoing effects of the global pandemic, he got laid off. The family only survives with the father’s meager income from small house-repair jobs in their neighborhood. But Jemuel has remained positive despite these challenging times.

If there is one thing that Jemuel has learned from his Hope Center, it is to always pray to God for his family’s daily needs.

One day, Jemuel received happy news from his Child Champions. He received a family gift from his sponsor and Child Champion. It was an answer to his prayers.

The gift provided much-needed food relief for Jemuel’s family. They bought groceries that could last for more than two months, including milk, canned goods, bread, 200 pounds of rice, and soap and other toiletries. They were also able to buy clothes, pillows, a mattress, a clothes drawer, a table and a few chairs, an electric fan, and other things that are useful in their house.

The family has never bought this much in their lives. Lastly, Jemuel was able to buy a bicycle which was a dream come true for him because his parents could never afford to buy him one. It was indeed more than what they hoped for.

Prayer stirs up hope in our hearts, especially if we trust in the One who provides for all our needs. And we are thankful to our Child Champions because they put so much effort into teaching the children to always pray and trust God, and it is making a difference in their lives.

Hope Center Director Fely Densing says, “Truly God works in many ways. Jemuel and his family are a living testimony that God will supply all their needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, as long as we trust in the Lord.”

Sponsors, donors, and Child Champions truly are change-makers in the lives of kids in hard places.



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