Hope for Children
in the Philippines

Help a Waiting Child in Desperate Need

The OneChild community brings hope to hard places. In the Philippines at our Hope Centers, children grow in health, education, community, and faith.

The care we provide is critical, especially in the Philippines where 36% of children live in abject poverty.

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Poverty Limits Potential


Approximately 4 million children have no access to safe water or adequate sanitation. 6.5 million have no electricity at home

Lack of Education

High school education is inaccessible for approximately 40,000 rural villages in the Philippines, while 5.5 million children do not attend school to earn incomes for their families.


UNICEF estimates up to 100,000 children in the Philippines are involved in prostitution rings

We have rescued girls as young as 9 from prostitution. They can’t defend themselves. They need a champion.

Sponsorship Works

In the Philippines, we have served 2,581 children at 19 Hope Centers, and dozens of children are waiting for a sponsor today. Sponsored children receive care in four categories:


Children have the opportunity to learn about God and His purpose for their life.


Children get help with their studies and are taught problem-solving, leadership, literacy, and life skills.


Children are provided nutritious food and supplements and have access to medical check-ups and immunizations to fight common diseases.


Children are encouraged to socialize with others and receive instruction in sports, music, and drama.

Many children wait three months or more for a sponsor. You can help us serve them today.

Help a Waiting Child

Your gift of $10 will support a waiting child for one month, covering the costs of their participation in a Hope Center program until we can connect them to their long-term sponsor.

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Meet Charlyn

Charlyn Gambe, a social worker, university professor, and pastor, has been ministering to the Bajau in this community for years. She is thrilled to have OneChild’s help, which will help her church have more resources for the Bajau. She says, “The Lord has really planted in our hearts and has given us a dream to see a Bajau community with decent houses, with enough food to eat, with people embracing the dignity that God has given to them. With people who are not beggars. Not receivers. But people who can contribute to the other members of society.”

Learn more about the Bajau from Charlyn.